Ron Marz/Ryan Sook's Full MAGDALENA Story FREE!


Yesterday, we spoke with writer Ron Marz about the new ongoing Magdalena series from Top Cow. The descendant of Christ isn't quite playing nice with her elders this time around, though.

During, the interview, we came across this:

Nrama: Previous to this you did a short story about Magdalena in First Born: Aftermath which showed Patience coming to grips with her decision to leave the Catholic Church. That was a good transition point -- and great art by Ryan Sook no less. Any chance to see that story reprinted to get people in the zone for this?

Marz: That's one of my favorite stories from my career, thanks to Ryan's insanely great art on it. I want to get that story in front of as many people as possible, since it really sets the tone for the series. Hopefully we can get it online or find some other way to release it widely.

Well, Ron, and Fans, you ask, and we answer. Here it is, Ron Marz and Ryan Sook's entire story, presented here to all of you for free.

The First Born/Broken Trinity Deluxe hardcover collects all three issues of First Born, as well as the Harvey Award-winning tie-in issues of Witchblade #110-112. This edition also features the previously uncollected First Born: Aftermath, making the entirety of the First Born epic available in a single volume for the first time. This edition also collects all three issues of Broken Trinity as well as the three tie-in issues featuring the Darkness, Angelus, and Witchblade, and Broken Trinity: Aftermath. Ships in a shrink-wrapped slipcase, with a 24"x36" poster inserted. Hard cover features a wraparound dustcover with an original image by Stjepan Sejic and a lineart poster image printed on the inside dust cover by Kenneth Rocafort.

448 pages, Full Color, Slip-cased Hardcover

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