Aspen 3-View: SOULFIRE: NWO #5, SOULFIRE #2, DELLEC #2


Both Soulfire issues in stores now, Dellec in stores March 3, 2010

J.T. Krul Writer / Francisco Herrera Art / Leonardo Olea - Colors


Magic flourishes once again. Unbelievable power courses through the lands...
and A NEW WORLD ORDER is at hand.

It's showdown time! The pulse-pounding conclusion to SOULFIRE: NEW WORLD
ORDER sees Cruz ultimately decide what pathand rolehe will take in this
new world. Meanwhile, Pili and Heather attempt to not only escape the
ruthless Dragon Riders but also the magic-siphoning grasp of the madman,
Cole. And just when things couldn't get any bleaker for the pair, the
arrival of Saxon and Blackjack adds to the chaos, forcing an all-out battle
for life and death! Brought to you by the acclaimed international art team
of Francisco Herrera and Leonardo Olea, with words provided by scribe J. T.
Krul, SOULFIRE: NEW WORLD ORDER will leave you clamoring for more!

Plus, this final 5th issue also includes part 5 of a special 4 page back-up
story brought to you by the upcoming SOULFIRE Volume 2 creative team of J.T.
Krul, Marcus To, Saleem Crawford and Beth Sotelo. This unique bonus story
leads directly into this month's SOULFIRE Volume 2 #0 issue, providing you
with two incredible SOULFIRE tales for the price of one!!

J.T. Krul Writer / Marcus To Pencils / Saleem Crawford Inks / Beth
Sotelo Colors


Just when you thought the magic was over...

Volume 2 of Michael Turner's smash action adventure fantasy series,
SOULFIRE, arrives at its second issue! The secret of magic has all but
evaporated into a world of fear, chaos, and disorder. Believing the mother
dragon Marigold is Rainier's mechanical beast that wreaked havoc on San
Francisco and Tokyo, the Chinese Sir Strike Force attacks the maternal
creature of magic with all it's might. However, Grace and Seph help balance
the scales in the dragon's favor as the two forces battle over the skies of
China. On the bleak Eighth Continent, Benoist foregoes the help of Dylan and
PJ to search for his long lost mentor. Meanwhile, a new female arrival to
our group creates a rift between Mal and Sonia and more about Rainier's dark
origin is revealed!

As this new volume of SOULFIRE continues, several familiar names are
bringing the wonder right to you! Writer J.T. Krul scripts the tale and
artist Marcus To (of Fathom: Kiani and Soulfire: Chaos Reign fame) supplies
his adept penciling skills. Inker Saleem Crawford and colorist Beth Sotelo
provide the perfect combination of style and beauty to complete the entire
SOULFIRE package.

The magic has returned and it's here to stay. Make sure you're a part of the
next exciting chapter in the storied SOULFIRE mythology!

Frank Mastromauro & Vince Hernandez Story / Micah Gunnell Pencils / Rob
Stull Inks / Matt Hollingsworth/Peter Steigerwald - Colors

Tragic secrets of the past are revealed in this pulse-pounding second issue
as we learn that deep wounds can never be healedno matter how much time may
pass. Meanwhile last issue, the unlawful forces of evil received a startling
crash course in holy retribution from DELLEC, however, the finaland
fatal--surprise was saved for DELLEC himself. Staring down death once again
in crushing fashion, DELLEC unveils one of the most powerful weapons in his
arsenal against the Creator's evil!

A completely brand new maxi-series brought to you by Aspen's own Frank
Mastromauro, Vince Hernandez and Micah Gunnell, along with inker Rob Stull
and colorists Matt Hollingsworth and Peter Steigerwald, DELLEC is unlike
anything Aspen has ever done before. This inventive new title is set to
raise the bar on cinematic storytelling, while keeping you on the edge of
your seat every hair-raising moment.

Plus, to prove DELLEC's worth, we're introducing this new series to you at
our lowest price ever! So take the chance and see why DELLEC will soon be
one of the most talked about new series in comics!

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