Full FREE Issue: RETURN TO WONDERLAND #0-1 [Mature Readers]


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While "Alice" may be seeing a darker turn on the big screen in a few weeks, she has been in shady situations before.

American McGee's Alice computer game took the character into a hack-and-slash nightmare world years ago. And for the last several years at Zenescope Entertainment, a dark tale of Alice and her Wonderland has been told in comic book form.

With the impending movie, and the impending end of the "Wonderland Trilogy" at Zenescope, our friends there have provided a series of 6 full issues from the trilogy for your reading enjoyment. We're starting with "Return To Wonderland #0 & #1"

Alice is no longer the little girl you once knew; years have passed since she took her trip down the rabbit hole. Now a grown woman with a family of her own, Alice has everything a person could want, everything except for her sanity...
Calie Liddle was once a normal high school student with a loving family and a great boyfriend. But in the shadows of her picture perfect life something was always watching and waiting. She never knew what it was, but somehow she always knew it was there, and it holds the answers to the questions that have defined her life.
As Alice's mental health deteriorates, Calie will discover the truth behind her mother's illness as she is pulled into the same realm Alice traveled to many years before. Now Calie must survive in a world where terror runs rampant, a place where the adventures of Alice were only the beginning, as she discovers the shocking truth behind what Wonderland truly is. Will Calie find the strength to escape or will she succumb to the insanity that has already taken so much from her mother?
Discover for yourself the madness with no method and an evil with no motive... Discover for yourself the world that is Wonderland.

Written by: Raven Gregory
Story by: Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco & Joe Brusha
Pencils by: Daniel Leister and Rich Bonk
Colors by: Nei Ruffino

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