Marvel Mature Previews: CRIMINAL, DAFFODIL


by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
Tracy Lawless is getting close to finding the killers he's been searching for... but before he can put all the pieces together, he finds himself in their crosshairs in Chinatown, with enemies all around him. This can't end well, or wouldn't be an issue of Criminal, would it?
40 PGS/ No Ads/ Mature Content .... $3.50

DAFFODIL #2 (of 3)
Written by BRREMAUD
Art and Cover by RIGANO
Daffodil and her teammates are following the trail of destruction left by Nosferatu as the great vampire makes his way towards the one entity that will make him the eternal master of the Earth. But first he must defeat Jerk, the chief of police, who holds the creature prisoner! The showdown between the hoard of vampires led by Nosferatu and Jerk's troops will most certainly be a bloodbath... Can Daffodil get there in time to intervene?
48 PGS./Mature ...$5.99

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