Exclusive Zenescope 3-View: MERC, PINOCCHIO, STINGERS


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Written by Jerry Brown
Art by Daniel Schneider
Fifty years in the future the world has become a strange blend of advanced technology interwoven with a seedy and gritty underbelly. And this world is where you will find a Merc named Sonny Grissom.

Sonny is a human mercenary whose obscene blend of human tissue and cybernetics has taken a drastic toll in just ten short years. Sonny was once considered the best in the business, and he still might be, but Sonny's coming to the end of the road and he knows it.

He's also about to get the one offer that might give him his only chance at redeeming a wasted life. And who knows, today might be the day he takes his last shot. Blade Runner meets Die Hard in the brand new supernatural action thriller mini-series from Zenescope Entertainment.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Pinnocchio
Written by Dave Seidman and Ralph Tedesco
Art by Dave Hoover and David Seidman
Two powerful stories collide in one of the most powerful and gut-wrenching Grimm Fairy Tales collections to ever hit stands! A single father has only his young son left in this world. It is a bond that can never be shattered, but what if your son wasn't really the boy you thought he was?
Will a father's love be enough to stop a viscous evil that stirs inside his son? Meanwhile Gepetto attempts to rescue his wooden creation he calls a son. But something is not right with Pinnochio and it might be too late for Gepetto to save him.
Can Gepetto's blind love prove to be enough to save the wooden boy or will evil prevail and doom Gepetto once and for all?

Written by Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tedesco
Art by Ryan Waterhouse
32 pgs FC
Having been stung himself, Hawkins has visions of the alien race's plan to colonize Earth and how it can be prevented. He and Risa must move fast before the outbreak spirals out of control.
As the two enter the bar that Risa received an emergency call from, they find their worst nightmare is coming true. Now they must take out multiple hosts before they turn into something else...something that they really don't want to have to face!

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