Alex Ross' Covers and Origins: PROJECT SUPERPOWERS 2 #0-5


Issue #0
Covers: Alex Ross, Alex Ross and Alex Ross -- 3 CONNECTING COVERS!
Writer: Jim Krueger
Penciller/Inker: Edgar Salazar (main story), Doug Klauba (special, Black Terror origin story)
Colorist: Victor Ramones
Publication Date: JUNE, 2009
UPC: 725130121462
The next exciting chapter of Dynamite Entertainment's PROJECT SUPERPOWERS begins here! And, just like the first series, Chapter Two is debuting with a full-size, introductory priced #0 issue! And best of all, issue #0 features three connecting covers - forming one amazing and powerful image - by Alex Ross!
Overseen again by Ross, who plots and art directs the entire PROJECT SUPERPOWERS universe, writer Jim Krueger returns for Chapter Two, as the pair of all-star creators are joined for the series by Edgar (DEATH DEFYING 'DEVIL) Salazar!
This full-size, 32-page comic features 20 pages of story and art, PLUS a two page origin sequence of the Black Terror by Doug Klauba (each issue of Chapter Two will feature extra content like the Origins sequences here)! PROJECT SUPERPOWERS: CHAPTER TWO picks up from the events of CHAPTER ONE as the newly returned heroes have set out on a quest to use their newfound freedom to return the world to the power of the people, while facing the shadowy Supremacy and the unlikely foes of the Inheritors! We've built up the SUPERPOWERS universe, and now watch it be torn down! All for $1.00!

***Click Through for a a gallery of every Alex Ross cover, and every special Origin sequence from issues 0-5!***

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