Exclusive: AWAKENING Chapter 6 Revealed!


A note from creator Nick Tapalansky:

Thanks so much to all of you who came to hang out with Alex and I this month - it was a wild ride and we had tons of fun talking comics, zombies, and more with everyone. As promised (though slightly delayed, sorry 'bout that!), here's the other half of your prize: the entire first chapter of Volume Two. You'll be the first to check this out, with the preview not actually being made public until the book is solicited in April or May. It's just our way of thanking you for taking a chance on our lil' zombie noir. Hope you dig it!

"We now know that zombies of a sort are responsible for the recent rash of murders and missing persons in Park Falls and, further, that the city is not alone in its suffering. What we don't know, however, is what's causing the slow but steadily increasing instances of what have now been termed 'awakenings.' While Derrick investigates a new series of murders similar to those which led to his early retirement from the PFPD, Dr. Daniel Howe must make hard decisions on how to proceed in understanding and resolving the spreading crisis. Meanwhile, Sandra attempts to reconcile a dark secret from her past and reclaim her faith in the face of what she believes to be nothing short of the end of the world."

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