Exclusive Hero Initiative Wolverine Covers: Robertson - Yu


The Hero Initiative's Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project is complete! Marvel Comics graciously printed off Hero-exclusive blank-cover copies of the recent Wolverine: Weapon X #1 and Hero got 100 artists to do an original Wolverine cover on each! The result is a star-studded Adamantium fest the likes of which has never been seen!

Until now, that is! ComicBookResources.com, IGN.com, Marvel.com and Newsarama.com are showing off a quarter of the covers each exclusively! YOU can bid on the originals via Hero's eBay page at http://qurls.com?i=48020 starting in late October. And even if you're not a high bidder, don't fret! All the covers will be collected in a rollickin' Hero Initiative benefit book in early December! As always, for more on Hero and its charitable mission to help comic creators in medical or financial need, check out Click Here for the Second Image Gallery featuring Leinil Yu, John Romita, and More!

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