Final Destination, Spring Break Trade Paperback

New Line Cinema and Zenescope Entertainment team up to bring Death to comics!
A group of college friends head to Cancun, Mexico for spring break but their partying is quickly cut short when a hotel fire and subsequent explosion kills hundreds of people.
Only a terrifying premonition by Carly, one of the girls in the group, saves the lives of her and her friends. Shaken but unharmed, The group decides to stay in Mexico and make the best of their trip, but
Carly knows deep down that grave danger lingers on the horizon and soon realizes that when you cheat death, it always comes back to collect.

Collecting all 5 issues of the FINAL DESTINATION, Spring Break comic book mini-series as well as a bonus issue entitled SACRIFICE and gorgeous cover gallery by artist Dimitri Patelis.

Story by: Mike Kalvoda, Ralph Tedesco & Joseph Brusha
Written by: Mike Kalvoda
Pencils: Lan Medina (episodes 1-3) and Rodel Noora (episodes 4-5)
Colors by: Rob Ro & Nei Ruffino
Inks: Avalon Studios
Letters: Artmonkeys
Cover Gallery: Dimitri Patelis
Trade Cover: David Seidman

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