Exclusive Preview: Amazing Spider-Man Family #8


Marvel Comics has provided Newsarama with your first look at next week's Amazing Spider-Man Family #8 by Tom Defalco, Abby Denson and Marc Sumerak. The solicitation for the issue reads:

COVER BY: Nuno Plati

WRITER: Tom Defalco
Abby Denson
Marc Sumerak

PENCILS: Adam Dekraker
Ron Frenz
Javier Pulido

INKS: Javier Pulido

COLORED BY: Javier Rodriguez

While the machinations of Norman Osborn's DARK REIGN have our favorite heroes on the run, what's life like for the everyday folks of the Marvel Universe? See how the Amazing Spider-Man changed one man's life and how this new world order can undo that good in an instant in DARK REFLECTION by Marc Sumerak and Javier Pulido! Meanwhile, over in THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL, May Parker must contend with threats on all fronts a conspiracy that's rocked the foundation of her high school and friends, and keeping tabs on her new cousin, April Reilly, the former Spider-Girl Clone! Back in Queens, Aunt May takes one last adventure as The AMAZING SPIDER MA'AM! And finally, May Porker, the SPECTACULAR SWINEY-GIRL faces down her deadliest threat yet in part two of CRAYFIN'S LAST BUNT! Rated A ...$4.99

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