Exclusive BOOM! Preview - 'Swordsmith Assassin #1'


The co-creator of the hit SCI FI series 'Eureka' is the writer of BOOM!'s newest series, and we have a preview...

"This August, writers Andrew Cosby (EUREKA) and Michael Alan Nelson (HEXED) forge a dark tale of revenge and redemption in the twilight of the Samurai age.

"Toshiro Ono is the SWORDSMITH ASSASSIN, maker of the finest blades in all Japan. For generations, Ono's family has sold their fabled swords only to those who follow the Samurai code of honor...but when Toshiro compromises his family ethic, disaster and tragedy follows. Now Toshiro has made it his mission to reclaim every weapon he has ever forged--and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that none of his swords ever kill again.

"With covers by superstar artists John Cassaday & Joe Corroney, and introducing the dark, gritty brush work of Ayhan Hayrula on interiors, SWORDSMITH ASSASSIN is a completely fresh vision of the last days of the Samurai."

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