Exclusive Look: Amazing Spider-Man Family #7


Courtesy of Marvel Comics, we've got your first look at next week's Amazing Spider-Man Family #7 with stories by Tom DeFalco, Fred Hembeck and Roger Stern, with art by Hembeck, Ron Frenz, and Val Semiks. The solicitation for the issue reads:

ack the car and grab the kiddies, it's time for your monthly visit with the family! First up, if you think the infamous Parker Luck started with Peter, think again as Aunt May takes Pete on a trip down memory lane to the day she married Uncle Ben and became a Parker herself! Then, SPIDER-GIRL battles Silverback and discovers a conspiracy against her one that goes straight to her own high school! And finally, Peter Porker's daughter THE AMAZING SWINEY-GIRL goes head-to-head with her greatest foe yet, CRAYFIN THE BUNTER Part 1 of 2! Rated A ...$4.99

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