Exclusive BONUS DC Preview - 'Supergirl #42'


Due to a mutual scheduling conflict, Newsarama's 20 Answers & 1 Question with DC's Dan DiDio, originally schedule for this week, is being rescheduled for next. As a reward for your patience, DC has provided Newsarama readers with an early bonus preview of next week's Supergirl #42, which continues to deal with the fallout of the 'Superwoman' storyline...

Written by Sterling Gates; Art by Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal; Cover by Joshua Middleton
Supergirl has answered the question "Who is Superwoman?" but there's more to the mystery! In this dramatic epilogue issue, Supergirl must deliver devastating news to one of Superman's closest allies! And something strange is going on with Lana Lang can anyone help her before it's too late? Back on New Krypton, Alura is none too happy with her daughter leading to some drastic consequences for our Girl of Steel!
Superman 32pg. Color $2.99 US
On Sale June 17, 2009

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