Word Balloon: Jonathan Hickman - Secret Warriors and More

Word Balloon: Brit Invasion Panel

On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, writer Jon Hickman joins us to discuss his innovative styles of design and narrative. We preview his upcoming Marvel project Secret Warriors, co written by Brian Michael Bendis. Col. Nick Fury and the new super powered recruits he's assembled for the Secret Invasion, will represent a different purpose than the standard way SHIELD stories were told in the past.

Says Hickman, "With Nick Fury, your talking about the oldest living clandestine operative in the world... He's not a 'read and react guy'...Secret Warriors is not going to be about a random number of spy incidents, and calamitous adventures... The book is about setting goals and achieving them for a greater purpose ...We will be interacting with major (Marvel U) events and be active participants... we just won't be caught 'on camera'."

In addition, we discuss his Image books Red Mass For Mars, Trans Human and Pax Romana, plus his Top Cow Pilot season entry, The Core.

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