Princess Bride: The Official Game

Princess Bride: The Official Game

The Princess Bride, the movie, is timeless, fun for all ages and types of people. It has action, adventure, romance; all the stuff that made little Kevin Arnold love it when Columbo read him the book. It has entertained generations with this unique and heartwarming tale, which of course is in turn based on a novel that has further entertained. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, Worldwide Biggies, Inc. has seen fit to adapt the story into a computer game.

The game is clearly geared towards young children. This is a way to introduce kids to a story you as parents may have grown up loving but can’t get them to watch. There are 4 basic types of games, plus one little extra capper to finish the story off. In story mode, you must complete 6 levels of each of those four types; one is a repeat-the-task, one is trivia, one is a basic platformer, and the final is a find-the-hidden-object game. The trivia may give small children some trouble, and is a time for adults to jump in and help their kids out. To further entertain the adult co-players is delightfully animated cutscenes using several of the actors from the movie (but not all, as some are dead and some are too big of stars to secure for such a project). Upon completion of your six tasks per section, you are given the option to continue on with more of the same theme or move the story along. If you just do the bare minimum, the story will take less than two hours. Again, that’s doing it as an adult, not as a kid, who may have some more struggles.

As for adult gamers, there is little to no reason to play this game alone. The game is extremely simplistic in all its various forms. I suppose if you’re addicted to casual games and want one with an actual story (no, Jewel Quest doesn’t count), then this certainly fits the bill. However, most adult players probably won’t want to move on past the first section with its mind-numbingly repetitive tasks. That being said, this is definitely great for the audience it’s aimed for: children. It’s a bit disappointing to have the game geared so young with the aforementioned agelessness of the movie/novel, however.

The movie The Princess Bride allowed boys and girls, men and women, young and old all to enjoy a simple tale of love. The game The Princess Bride will doubtlessly entertain youngsters, and give their parents a nice taste of nostalgia. If you’ve got kids, this is worth the twenty bucks.

The Princess Bride: The Official Game is available now for Mac, Linux, and Windows in direct download at

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