Ashley Wood: Turning 2-D Robots into 3-D Toys

Wood: Turning 2-D Robots into 3-D Toys

Ashley Wood loves robots. Loves them.

Case in point, Wood and Chris Ryall’s Zombies vs. Robots projects at IDW Publishing.

More case in point, the toys based on Wood’s robots from the projects. They debuted at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and are currently on sale from IDW. We spoke with Wood about the process of transporting the robots from two to three dimensions.

Newsarama: Ash, thanks for talking the time to talk with us about your Bertie statue and your new line of collectibles. What’s the process of turning a character on paper into a statue work?

Ashley Wood: The Bertie character originally appeared in Popbot and Zombies vs. Robots so the character design was pretty much done. I created 2-D black-and-white turnarounds and then they took my drawing and a sculptor “molds” it in 3D software (Scott Wetterschneider of Bigshot Toys brought his genius sculpting skills for Bertie ). Using the 3D software route for sculpting makes for absolute control and editing. Once the modeling is done, you output a 3-D prototype to be engineered into a mold. Once the manufacturing are complete, each figure is hand-painted, the decal stamps are applied and it’s assembled. From there it goes into the box and is shipped out. Of course that's a very truncated version of the process.

NRAMA: Besides your character design and art, what are you bringing to this process that sets Bertie apart from the other figures out there?

AW: Because I don’t know the limitations of what can and can’t be done, I can hopefully bring new ideas to the process and make people re-think the way things are done.

One of the main reasons Im doing this because I love it, having spent years around Todd McFarlane and his toy making and then enjoying the creation of Bertie with Bigshot toys and Threezero I got the bug to want make more. I want to make cool toys, that's how I’m coming to it.

Okay, the real reason is I loved Mego figures as a kid, and want to relive that….

NRAMA: Tell people who didn't get to see Bertie at Comic-Con a bit about the specifics--what it's made of, what size it is.

AW: Bertie is around 13 inches tall , tons of articulation and mass– it comes with a bunch of accessories – a hand gun, rocket launcher, grenades, cloth pouches etc.

There are three version of Bertie, two WWR editions, Desert and Dirty Deeds and the IDW Edition which sports a different head sculpt and paint job. The IDW version is the Zombies vs. Robots one. It’s got a different box and the head mold is different and it’s painted different, with a skull.

NRAMA: Who is ThreeZero and what is 3A?

AW: I enjoyed creating Bertie so much that I decided I wanted to do more, a lot more and Threezero stepped up to form 3A with me, a company we want to produce more quality toys and try and do things differently.

We’ve got a bunch of stuff in the works, including Bramble the next giant WWR fig out in October, Popbot figures, other artist projects and a very special Zombies vs. Robots project that IDW will be announcing soon. Check out for more info

NRAMA: Thanks, Ash. Any last words?

AW: Yea, I do. Jan Feb will see the release of the WWR comic published by IDW that Joe Casey and me are doing together, it’s an unabashed war comic, so you know it will be funny, uplifting and irreverent.

Oh yeah, go buy a ZvR Bertie from IDW, the 12” Zombies will be here soon, they will need to fight somebody!

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