First Look: Young Allies Comics 70th Anniversary Special


Marvel Comics has provided Newsarama with a first look at June's Young Allies Comics 70th Anniversary Special by Roger Stern and Paolo Rivera. And how about a plug from Editor Tom Brennan?

In the dawn of Marvel's Golden Age and the height of World War Two, came one of the first Marvel Teams The Young Allies! Teen sidekicks Bucky & Toro teamed with four scrappy, cunning and patriotic young friends to fight Axis spies at home and forces abroad. Now, almost 70 years later, Bucky Barnes has taken up the mantle of Captain America. As this man out of time seeks redemption for his past, he also seeks out the young men he fought alongside to spend one last night with his Young Allies.

Roger Stern and Paolo Rivera have crafted a most powerful tribute to the men who gave their lives to keep our world free of tyranny in this story that bridges the gap between our Golden Age roots and the Mighty Marvel Comics of today.

! New and Reprints/Rated A ...$3.99

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