Robin Before He Was Robin: "The Graysons" set for The CW

Dick Grayson Gets a CW Series

According to Variety, the CW is preparing a new series based on Dick Grayson – before he was Robin, the sidekick of Batman. Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson – executive producers of Smallville, and Supernatual executive producer McG are behind the project, which has received a put pilot commitment from CW.

As the trade reports, the series will take a Smallville tone in that it will focus on the young man (Dick “DJ” Grayson - his full name is Richard John Grayson) before his hero days. The series will either replace Smallville, if this turns out to be the series final season, as many are speculating, or be a companion piece to the series starring a young Clark Kent, if this season’s ratings justify a ninth season.

Like Smallville, The Graysons will take elements of the character from DC Comics continuity, and put its own spin on it. In the original origin of Robin, there was virtually no backstory given, save that his parents died as a result of a gangster’s extortion scheme at the Haly Circus, where the Flying Graysons were performing. Some backstory has been added in since that story in 1940’s Detective Comics #38, but never with the scope that The Graysons is aiming at.

From Variety:

In the one-hour "Graysons," which will be set in modern times, young DJ will face challenges involving first loves, young rivals and his family as he grows up. Souders and Peterson have come up with an original take on the character.

Given the comparisons to Smallvile, its likely that The Graysons will cast Dick…”DJ”…along the lines of Chris O’Donnell in 1995’s Batman Forever, that is a teenager, rather than the young boy as seen in the original comics. What will be interesting to see is how and when other DC Comics characters and elements will be introduced into the series, as the audience will be waiting to see who the series casts as Bruce Wayne.

Newsarama apologizes for accidentally placing an image of Tim Drake (the current "Robin") with this story as first published.

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