Damn Dirty Skrulls: What We Know Now 6

Secret Invasion 03

by Lucas Siegel and Troy Brownfield

You know how this works. Let’s rock.

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Initially announced without the “S.I. Tie-in” designation, Ms. Marvel #27 post-solicitation had the Secret Invasion: Infiltration banner added to it before hitting the stands. The story so far had Ms. Marvel encountering a Skrull dupe of herself, with her S.H.I.E.L.D. team Operation: Lightning Storm (not “Lighting Storm” as it says in the recap) eventually subduing the dupe and killing an X-Men Super Skrull. This dupe, at the end of the previous issue, revealed to Ms. Marvel that her boyfriend William Wagner was in fact a Kree agent working to stem the tide of invasion. After a short wild goose chase trying to locate Wagner, Carol and her team return to their mini-carrier to interrogate the Skrull again. However, once out of her containment field, the Skrull claims Earth belongs to them, says the ubiquitous “He loves you,” and self-destructs, sending the team and their S.H.I.E.L.D. compatriots careening to the ground. Rick Sheridan, the Sleepwalker’s human host, was grievously injured, but managed to survive. Unfortunately, several agents and civilians were not so lucky. The issue closed out with a “tender moment” (see: Ms. Marvel throwing herself a pity party, then sleeping with Simon Williams aka Wonder Man). They then wake up to a priority alert that a Skrull ship has crash landed in the Savage Land, and it takes us to just moments before the start of Secret Invasion #1. #28 of Carol’s own series will also be tying in, for the first time “officially.”

New Avengers #41 replayed and expanded on a bit of the fight from SI #1, and showed Spider-Man getting thrown into the jungle by the interfering T-Rex. Ka-Zar, Shanna, and their clan, whom Spidey assumes are all Skrulls, immediately greet him. After a humorous give and take, Shanna tells their story, in the form of a flashback sequence. We learn through this that the group the New Avengers encountered in their first mission as a team was not in fact a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. group. In fact, they were a large group of Skrulls, mining Vibranium, the rare absorbent metal in the Marvel Universe. When we get back to the present, Spidey is still unsure as to how much he can trust this Ka-Zar and Shanna that stand before him. A new player enters the game on the final page as the Captain America from the Skrull ship butts into the conversation. Is he the real Steve Rogers, as Mockingbird supposed in SI #1? Well, seeing as his story is being told in New Avengers, and not in the main mini-series, I’d say it’s unlikely. Still, a difficult fight is in store for ‘ole Web-head next issue, physically and emotionally.

Secret Invasion #3 Jarvis is a Skrull! Holy s-, oh wait, we knew that. The big deal here is our confirmation that Skrull Queen Veranke is indeed Spider-Woman. As for Tony? I don’t buy that for a second. I totally believe that Spider-Queen is playing psychological games here; she’s using the info that she’s obtained as Spider-Woman and her own profile of Stark to prey on his own self-doubts in his weakened state. I don’t believe that Bendis and Marvel would waste all of the hard choices and sterling character work that went into Stark these past couple of years on this. We’ll also note that Spider-Queen won a very quick fight with Echo, though Echo’s fate is ambiguous (considering that cracking sound effect when she landed; that sound’s never good). Perhaps Echo’s condition was left unresolved in case Spider-Queen needed to swipe (no pun intended) her face later.

The items that turn out to be more important than Skrull infiltration this time are the events that either follow up on earlier incidents or happen on the streets of New York. For example, we finally got our answer as to where the Helicarrier landed: the Bermuda Triangle. Back in NYC, the Young Avengers and the Initiative trainees tangle with the invading Skrulls, resulting in the death of young Proton and the most recent destruction of the Vision. Captain Marvel has also apparently kicked the collective asses of the Thunderbolts since the first issue, but Norman (in a four-alarm potential Skrull alert moment) just wants to talk. If Norman is a Skrull, how would that play with his recent monologues and OMD?

Young X-Men #3: Here’s Troy’s theory. Cyclops is a Skrull in Young X-Men, but only Young X-Men. How’s that? Well, in all of the other interactions that Cyclops has had with the revamped teams, Cyclops has either been around people that he’s known for some time (X-Force) or has been in the presence of Emma. Cyclops in Young X-Men isn’t alongside Emma, but also is only in the presence of young characters who have not known him nearly as long (and still question his attitude). He’s training them at a remote base (again, without Emma), and he’s sending them immediately on killing missions (something that’s supposedly reserved for X-Force). This would be an interesting way of having a Skrull mess with the X-Men without hurting any of the character work that Carey and Brubaker have done with Cyclops in the past two years. Whatta ya’ think of that one, kids?

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