Exclusive: Amazing Spider-Man Family #5 Preview


Courtesy of Marvel Comics, we're got your first look at this week's Amazing Spider-Man Family #5, featuring the Amazing Spider-Girl. The solicitation for the issue reads: Never send a man to do a girl's job! That's right, Spider-
Fans, Mayday Parker, the spectacular SPIDER-GIRL joins the Family this month and she's here to stay to answer one crucial question: Who is GWEN REILLY?
Elsewhere, take another trip to the neighborhood battlefield of Forest Hills, Queens, with Aunt May THE AMAZING
SPIDER MA'AM! And back in our universe, Spidey teams up with brand new foe SCREWBALL in a race against the clock to rescue a young child, and in the Private Life Of Peter Parker, new pal Carlie Cooper shows Pete how a real cop solves crimes -- it's Ladies' month here in the family, so stop on by! 64 pages of ALL-NEW STORIES!
All-New/Rated A ...$4.99

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