EXCLUSIVE Preview: Incognito #3


Marvel and Ed Brubaker have provided Newsarama with an exclusive look at Incognito #3, due in stores on April 15th. The solicitation for the issue FOR MATURE READERS, written by Brubaker, with art by Sean Phillips reads: THE BEST-SELLING AND AWARD-WINNING TEAM OF BRUBAKER AND PHILLIPS SHOW YOU WHY IT'S GOOD TO BE BAD! Her name is Ava Destruction, and she's the most "live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse" kind of girl you've ever met. Ava, one of the Black Death's top enforcers, and a woman who's perpetually 16 on the outside, is sent into Witness Protection after our hero and while she may be pretty... what she leaves in her wake is anything but.
Mature Content/ No Ads ... $3.50

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