First Look: Executive Assistant Iris #1 Covers


Aspen has provided Newsarama with your first look at the covers to June's Executive Assistance Iris #1. The solicitation for the issue reads: David Wohl Story / Eduardo Francisco art / John Starr - Colors

Aspen's blockbuster new series arrives! Enter EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS!

Secretary. Bodyguard. Assassin. The Executive Assistant is all of the above rolled into one. She's meticulous, ruthlessly efficient and completely loyal to her employer. But...

In the high-stakes web of corporate wealth and power, one young woman, Iris, must decide between her dutyand her own morality. When she soon discovers that the man she serves is even more vicious and depraved than the criminals she's supposed to be protecting him from, her life begins to crumble. Now, torn between her loyalty and a heavy conscience, she must journey back o the school that created her in an attempt to rediscover her humanity. But is she already too late?

From the creative minds of David Wohl and Michael Turner, this all-new Aspen series makes its long anticipated debut! With three incredible covers to choose from, make sure to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new Aspen series, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS #1 is GUARANTEED in stores June 17th, 2009!

FC 32 pages $2.99

RETAILER NOTE: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS #1 will ship with three different covers by artists Joe Benitez, Sana Takeda and Eduardo Francisco. Each cover is available to order separately, with no quantity limitations or restrictions.

For every 20 copies of Executive Assistant: Iris #1 ordered, retailers will receive one (1) FREE copy of the Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald Executive Assistant: Iris #1 Alternate Cover with the option to purchase up to 10 additional copies at net $3 each.

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