Exclusive Preview: Soulfire #8 - Turner's Final Interiors


Aspen has provided Newsarama with an exclusive look at this week's Soulfire #8, featuring Michael Turner's final interior artwork. The solicitation for the issue reads: Michael Turner & J.T. Krul story / Michael Turner ; Joe Benitez pencils / Peter Steigerwald Colors MICHAEL TURNER'S SOULFIRE RETURNS FOR THE LONG AWAITED CONCLUSION TO ITS FIRST EPIC STORY ARC!! Featuring a special opening recap of the SOULFIRE series for old and new readers alike, issue #8 lays the groundwork for the upcoming volume 1 conclusion! Barely escaping Japan with their lives, Grace, Mal and the gang venture further along their journey towards the Everlands. But, other more deadly obstacles, even more dangerous than the relentlessly pursuing dragon, lie in their way. How much more can Malikai take in order to learn the true secret behind his destiny.....if he can even manage to survive that long? As the pace quickens and more revelations quickly begin to surface, now is the perfect time to find out why SOULFIRE has been one of the most talked about titles in years! From the visionary mind of Michael Turner, scribe J. T. Krul, and colorist Peter Steigerwald, as only Aspen could deliver!! Aspen is extremely proud to welcome artist Joe Benitez to the SOULFIRE universe. Joe will be completing out Michael's SOULFIRE Volume 1 story arc, and we couldn't be more grateful and excited to have him aboard! With this issue being about equally split between Michael's last fully drawn SOULFIRE pages and Joe taking over the art chores from that point on, this incredible issue is not to be missed! SOULFIRE #8 is GUARANTEED in stores March 18th, 2009! FC 32 pages $2.99

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