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Spoilers abound . . .

Heroes pretty much hit fighting form Monday night. By skipping the deadly Mohinder/Maya arc and moving quickly through other stories, the show crammed in an amazing amount of plot. There were actually 32 segments (plus the traditional final montagey bit), spreading time about between the Level 5 escapees, Peter (both versions), Nathan, Mama Petrelli, Claire and her two mommies, Noah and Sylar, Hiro and Ando, Tracy, Parkman, and others. The fast pace and consistently strong effects made for a quick hour.

Hell, even before the opening, we have five quick bits that established the tone. Mama Petrelli “feeds” the psychometric Bridget to newly revealed Petrelli Boy Slyar; Tracy (Ali Larter) freezes some roses in a test of her newly discovered powers; Future Peter hears Weevil-Peter’s message from Nathan; Weevil-Peter (hereafter referred to as Peter/Jesse) and the rest of the Level 5 escapees begin to knock over a bank; and Mama, explaining that our old friend The Haitian is on a pick-up mission, assigns Sylar as Noah “HRG” Bennett’s new partner. Like I said: First. Five. Minutes.

From this point, we’re hopping between many disparate threads for the rest of the night. The impressive thing was that some of the story elements moved extremely fast. As the L5 gang began the bank takeover (that’s not political! Leave me alone.), I got the impression that this story might last awhile. Ha! Rather quickly, we had the magnetic German smoked by fear-powered Knox in an argument, Knox’s discovery of Peter/Jesse’s situation, Noah’s insertion, Peter/Jesse’s sonic scream, Future Peter’s arrival and departure with Peter (leaving just Jesse), Sylar’s intervention and slaying of Jesse, and the subsequent apprehending and incarceration of the leftovers. ALL OF THAT happened in just that one storyline, and that doesn’t even count Mama’s other scenes of, initially, encouraging Sylar, then lightly rebuking him for going too far on the mission.

Most of the plots moved like this, with forward action punctuated by occasional character bits. I liked the training scene between Claire and Meredith, primarily because it served as a bit of a test of the indestructible girl. And while the answer to who Tracy is takes quite the leap for even this show, I essentially see it as the show’s way of shuffling off the nearly untenable Nikki/Jessica storyline while managing to keep Ali Larter.

Hiro’s new arc hasn’t totally clicked with me yet. The interaction between Hiro, Ando and Daphne in the movie theater showed promise, but it was over pretty quickly. It would seem that the formula that both sides are after can grant superpowers to anyone, but hey, isn’t that what Mohinder’s already figured out?

On the other hand, teaming Noah HRG and Sylar is inspired. They should absolutely hate each other, but it was fun to see moments of grudging respect emerge on each side. Noah was clearly entertained when Sylar ignored him and broke up the bank situation, but that amusement turned to horror and disgust with Sylar’s murder of Jesse. Noah told the Haitian that he plans to kill Sylar, but I could see this dysfunctional partnership lasting a while yet. I hope that the notion that Sylar’s powers drive him toward hunger isn’t the catalyst to try to redeem him in some way; actor Zachary Quinto is charismatic, but I’d rather see Sylar killed off than emasculated in some way.

Just as I’m having trouble with the Hiro arc, Parkman’s walkabout in the African desert isn’t going places yet. The mysterious new artist (with powers just like Isaac) has been drawing Parkman for years, and Parkman’s future is changing. I like Greg Grunberg, but he’s getting nothing to do.

Honestly, my biggest ongoing frustration with the show is the lengths that they go to in order to keep the characters apart. While all of the major characters have interacted over time, I’d like to see the ensemble get to play off of each other with some consistency. Hiro and Ando are good together, but after three seasons, I wonder if their shtick will get tired. Hiro should be toughening up a bit, but he rushes to embrace his geekier tendencies a little too readily now. He should be more familiar with the stakes, and therefore, cannier.

Overall, this episode’s solid with some more room for improvement. What do you think? Favorite bits? Miss Elle? Discuss.


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