Exclusive Preview: Executive Assistant Iris #0


Aspen, MLT has provided Newsarama with an exclusive look at Executive Assistant Iris #0 by David Wohl and Eduardo Francisco. The solicitation for the issue reads: Aspen's blockbuster new series starts here! Enter EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS! Secretary. Bodyguard. Assassin. The Executive Assistant is all of the above rolled into one. She's meticulous, ruthlessly efficient and completely loyal to her employer. But... In the high-stakes web of corporate wealth and power, one young woman, Iris, must decide between her dutyand her conscience. When Iris' employer, Mr. Ching, decides to settle a dispute between himself and a deceitful Russian businessman--out of the pleasantries of the conference room, she is given the order to 'force' a compromise. However, when the deadly realities of her obligations remind her of the tragic horrors of her past, Iris begins to question everything around her! From the creative minds of David Wohl and Michael Turner, this all-new 16-page story sets the stage for the brand-new EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS #1 issue coming this June. Showcasing additional character design sketches and never before seen art, surrounded by a stunning cover illustrated by superstar Joe Benitez, this special #0 issue is an absolute must! Make sure to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new Aspen series, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS #0 is GUARANTEED in stores March 4th, 2009! FC 24 pages $2.50

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