Exclusive Preview: Rouleau's The Great Unknown #1


Image Comics has provided Newsarama with an exclusive preview of this week's The Great Unknown #1 by Duncan Rouleau. The solicitation for the issue reads: PREVIEW INTENDED FOR MATURE READERS. A MIND-THROBBING WHODUNNIT!
Everything Zach Feld imagines impossibly shows up somewhere else. It's as if someone is reading his mind and selling his incredible thoughts to the highest bidder. His friends and family think Zach is a freeloader with delusions of grandeur making up one weird paranoiac story after another to defend his directionless life. They might be right. But when Zach begins to dig deeper into the mystery, he discovers that they might be very, very wrong. Has someone been sneaking around inside Zach's mind? Visionary storyteller DUNCAN ROULEAU (Metal Men, The Nightmarist, X-Factor) creates this five-issue series about one man's quest to find the people responsible for raiding his thoughts and relegating him to a life of being the great unknown. 32 PAGES, FC, $3.50

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