Word Balloon: Joshua Fialkov - Top Cow, lonely girl and More

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On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we speak with writer Joshua Fialkov. We'll talk about his top cow books - Cyblade and his pilot season story Alibi, his new Western contribution in Image Comics' anthology, Outlaw Territory, and his new Dark Horse miniseries, The Cleaners.

Josh has also been busy writing vampire stories. From wrapping up his run on Vampirella, to adapting the first two Dark-Hunter vampire novels by bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon, Night Pleasures> and Night Embrace in a manga-style for Dabel Brothers Publishing.

We also talk about Josh's new video work online as head writer for the next chapter in the lonely girl 15 online conspiracy suspense drama the resistance. Says Fialkov, "The show is shot Cinéma vérité style... The story revolves around the idea that the Fountain Of Youth is in the blood of targeted girls, and the secret organization is trying to bleed it out of these women...If you want to see the future of entertainment, check out this show."

You can watch all the chapters here, http://www.lg15.com/theresistance/

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