EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Comic Book Comics #3


Fred van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey have provided Newsarama with a look at the history of comics in a comic - Comic Book Comics #3. The solicitation for the issue reads: COMIC BOOK COMICS #3 Written by Fred Van Lente Drawn by Ryan Dunlavey The incredible true story of the comics industry continues! Enter, if you dare, the inner circle of COMIC BOOK HELL! Roasting forever in its foul depths are the most fiendish foes of funnybooks: DR. FREDRIC WERTHAM and his anti-comics crusade! The COMICS CODE AUTHORITY! Plagarizing POP ARTISTS! But from the ashes of a fallen medium, a new age shall rise -- a SILVER AGE of Comics, spearheaded by brilliant editor JULIE SCHWARTZ! Plus: Enter ... R. CRUMB! Published by Evil Twin Comics / B&W 40 pages $3.95 / Ships January 23, 2009

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