Preview: Soulfire: Shadow Magic #2 & #3


Aspen has provided Newsarama with previews of Soulfire: Shadow Magic #2 and #3 by Vince Hernandez and Sana Takeda. The solicitation for issue #2 reads: The vicious and brutal attack on a grain-transport dragon triggers an
all-out war across the land between the races of the Rahtumi and the
Sethoru! Amid the turmoil, the wizard Azar?s plan for chaos disturbingly
comes to fruition. Grace ignores Kelsyn?s request for her to stay behind in
Empyrea, and instead follows him into battle?where she quickly learns the
deadly price of warfare. Meanwhile, the dragon, Mooncrest makes his own
discovery?that survival outside the comforting bars of his pen is anything
but certain.

Featuring the same incredible creative team that brought you the sold out
issue Aspen Showcase: Grace #1 and Soulfire: Shadow Magic #0 and #1, writer
Vince Hernandez and artist Sana Takeda raise the bar yet again. Make sure to
be a part of this next exciting chapter in the SOULFIRE mythology as the
second issue of SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC arrives!

SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC #2 is GUARANTEED in stores January 14th, 2009! FC 32 pages $2.99 . Issue #3 is guaranteed to be in stores on February 11th.

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