FULL ISSUE - Mike Allred's 'Madman Atomic Comics #1'


It's that time of year again and that means a return of the Newsarama/Image Comics tradition of showing full issues of a select group of Image Comics #1 issues. With our hearty thanks to Joe Keatinge, everyone at Image and the creators involved, let's get rolling. Today's title: Madman Atomic Comics #1 by Mike Allred. Story MIKE ALLRED, art & cover MIKE & LAURA ALLRED
The Madman universe has imploded, turning itself inside out. This brand new series is going to do the same to your brain and leave you begging for more! If you've never experienced this legendary Mike Allred creation, now's the perfect time to jump on this all-new thrill ride that begins with Frank "Madman" Einstein facing his most terrifying challenge yet, as his entire existence is in questionï??in fact, ALL existence!! This story will also include an innovative recap of every essential event in the Madman mythos. Future issues in the series will take you to the most wondrous places a comic book can offer. Climb aboard and dig the ride

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