EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Soulfire: Shadow Magic #1


Aspen MLT has provided Newsarama with an exclusive peek at this week's Soulfire: Shadow Magic #1 by Vince Hernandez and Sana Takeda. The solicitation for the issue reads:
Discover the early years of SOULFIRE's heroine Grace in this all-new mini-series! The seeds of conflict have grown into a deadly battle for territory as the winged races of Rahtumi and Sethoru enter into an all-out warthe largest one ever between the two rival bloodlines. Amidst the chaos, two Rahtumi lovers--Grace and Kelsyn, share their own pending engagement, that of marriage. But the reaches of war soon envelops them both, and their life together will be forever compromised. While high in the snowy mountain passes of the Sethoren realm of Ontiria, the dark wizard Azar, using his own horrid creation of a powerful new form of magic, plans to overshadow both kingdoms of Rahtumi and Sethoru in death and despair. Featuring the same incredible creative team that brought you the sold out issue Aspen Showcase: Grace #1 and Soulfire: Shadow Magic #0, writer Vince Hernandez and artist Sana Takeda raise the bar yet again. Make sure to be a part of this next exciting chapter in the SOULFIRE mythology with the premiere issue of SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC #1!

SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC #1 is GUARANTEED in stores December 17th, 2008!

FC 32 pages $2.99

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