Baltimore Comic Con '08: The Image Comics Panel

Image Comics Hits Baltimore

Image Comics took to the panels Sunday at the Baltimore Comic Con with its traditional “Image Comics Show” panel. Joe Keatinge hosted the panel and began by introducing the panelists: Richard Starkings (Elephantmen), Jimmy Palmiotti (Back to Brooklyn), Robert Kirkman and Erik Larsen.

Keatinge said that, along with talking about coming projects, he chose the panelists to also talk about larger issues in comics, from Starkings and revolutionizing digital lettering, Palmiotti’s breadth of experience, Larsen for starting Image with the other founders, and Kirkman for, “well…just being a friend of mine,” Keatinge joked.

Moving on, Keatinge said that he wanted to talk about two items, media in comics, by which me

Keatinge announced that Mark Millar’s Chosen will move to Image, beginning in January with a trade collection of the first miniseries, which originally saw print at Dark Horse. Entitled American Jesus, volume 1, the trade will be followed by a new miniseries which will ship later in 2009.

Also in January, Image will publish a new music-themed anthology in the vein of the Tori Amos themed anthology Comic Book Tattoo. The new anthology will be based on the music of the UK band, Spearmint.

The creative collation known as Man of Action (Steven Seagle, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau) will also begin doing more work at Image, starting in February. Titles mentioned include:

Bad Dog by Joe Kelly, described by Keatinge as darker in tone than Kelly’s more recent work, “If you’re a fan of Preacher, this is for you,” he added.

Clodeflesh by Joe Casey and Charlie Adlard, as a full color hardcover.

Great Unknown by Duncan Rouleau, described as a sci-fi/crime book

Soul Kiss by Seagle, where a girl makes a deal with the devil, and makes another one in an effort to get out of the first.

2009 is the 20th anniversary of Joseph Michael Linsner’s Dawn, and as such, Image will ship something Dawn-related every month, including two all new one-shots by Linsner. Keatinge said that in this market, it’s important to celebrate an independent character that makes it that long.

January will see Dynamo 5 #0 from Jay Faerber, which will serve as the start of a countdown to issue #25 in December.

Kirkman said that his motto for 2009 is “on time in 2009,” and pledged that he will ship all of his titles monthly, and will give them all guaranteed ship dates. To help him meet this goal, Kirkman has brought on former Marvel editor Aubrey Sitterson to work for him on a freelance basis – Sitterson will, according to Kirkman, help him with trafficking and schedules.

Keatinge then showed a slide of Image United, prompting Larsen to comment, “Speaking of ‘on time…’” which received laughs from the audience. The cover to issue #2 was shown, and Kirkman announced that an Image United production blog has been launched at which will allow readers to keep track of the project’s development, and will offer first looks at new art and the covers.

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