Exclusive Preview: Dresden Files: Storm Front #1


Dabel Brothers has provided Newsarama with an exclusive look at this month's Dresden Files: Storm Front #1 by Jim Butcher, adapted by Mark Powers, with art by Ardian Syaf. The solicitation for the issue reads:

Meet Harry Dresden, the only practicing wizard listed in the Chicago yellow pages -- and the only person Chicago P. D. calls when they encounter a case that just can't be solved using traditional methods. Harry's unique gifts allow him to see beyond the everyday world into a strange realm of magic and monsters. Unfortunately for Harry, the pay isn't all that great...

When the police call Harry in as a consultant on a brutal double homicide, he quickly finds himself tangled in a web of missing persons, murder, and black magic. Following hot on the heels of the hot selling The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle, the Dabel Brothers are proud to bring you The Dresden Files: Storm Front. From the imagination of New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher, this the first story set in the world of the wildly popular sci-fi series of novels, The Dresden Files. Storm Front is sure to enchant readers with a blend of gripping mystery and fantastic adventure!

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