Millar & Harris' 'War Heroes' Picked Up by Sony

Exclusive Preview: War Heroes #1

Comic book writer Mark Millar is close to becoming a Hollywood cottage industry. Variety reported Friday afternoon that Millar's current Image comic series with Tony Harris, War Heroes has been picked up by Sony for Michael DeLuca to produce.

According to the Hollywood trade, the studio's Columbia Pictures is currently seeking a writer to adapt the books, which revolve around "an experimental military program that gives ordinary soldiers superpowers. When a small group of recruits break off to use these powers for a criminal enterprise, a hero rises from their ranks to prevent catastrophic results."

Variety reports several studios had been vying for the property, after the success of Universal's adaptation of Millar's Wanted this past summer, which currently has a sequel in the works. Millar's Icon series Kick-Ass just began filming with director Matthew Vaughn.

Millar and Harris will be executive producers on War Heroes, along with Zach Schiff Abrams.

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