Exclusive Image Preview: Dracula Meets the Wolf-Man


Image Comics has provided Newsarama with a first look inside this week's Dracula Meets the Wolf-Man based on the Frazetta painting --- the solicitation for the issue reads: story STEVE NILES, art FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA, cover A FRANK FRAZETTA, cover B FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA, cover C NAT JONES -- 32 PAGES, FC, $3.99 In the wake of the legendary Count Dracula's "final" excursion to England, the bloodthirsty count finds himself on the hunt for a beautiful peasant woman in a village living in the shadows of Dracula's castle. Unfortunately for the seductive Count, someone else has eyes for the beauty, and that someone else just happens to be the fear-inspiring Wolf-Man! Prepare yourself for the battle of the year as vampire faces lycanthrope in a battle to the death!

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