Exclusive Preview: Starfall Preview Book


Top Cow and Randy Queen have provided Newsarama with a preview of the Starfall Preview Book that will be available at San Diego Comic Con --- The high concept of the series is this: Space pirates crash land on an uncharted jungle planet and unknowingly unleash a degenerative nanobot technology that turns the local dinosaur and cannibal populace into raging zombies! explained Queen. The story's main protagonist is Sierra Starfall, a female Flash Gordon/Tarzan type character who's hotwired with Dragon DNA and over 100 years old, despite not looking a day over 25. Sierra is legendary and considered by many to be the Galaxy's Greatest Warrior. She is the commander of a fiercely loyal rogues gallery of Alien Mercs, who have survived and vanquished many perils. This time they won't. -- We hope fans will join us on this new voyage, and will embrace Sierra Starfall as their own, because she is created specifically for them, Queen concluded. --
If you like Star Wars, Alien Legion, Micronauts, Flash Gordon, Aliens, Tarzan, and King Kong, then this new sci-fi-horror title is right up your alley. Be sure to pick up the preview book at the Top Cow booth at San Diego Comic-Con July 24-27!
More information on Randy Queen and his projects can be found at starfallcomic.com.

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