Preview: Transformers Spotlight: Hardhead


IDW publishing has provided Newsarama with an exclusive look at this week's Transformers Spotlight: Hardhead --- the solicitation for the issue reads --- Simon Furman (w) Robby Musso (a) E.J. Su, Nick Roche (c) ---
The Revelations Cycle continues here! This time, the spotlight falls on the AUTOBOTS' thick-skinned, no-nonsense problem-solver, HARDHEAD! As the Expansion draws ever closer, NIGHTBEAT seeks to solve the mystery of his own missing memories, and he needs Hardhead's help. But as they retrace NIGHTBEAT's last steps on Gorlam Prime, HARDHEAD is forced into the worst kind of no-win situationand one that neither of them are likely survive! By veteran Transformers scribe Simon Furman and new rising star Transformers artist Robby Musso! --- FC 32 pages $3.99

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