First Five: Top Cow's Genius #1


Pilot Season: Genius #1

(W) Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman (A)Afua Richardson (COV) Afua Richardson

Alexander, Hannibal, Napoleon, Patton. What if the greatest military mind of OUR generation was born in strife, surrounded by violence and combat since birth? When the gauntlet is dropped, the question isn't How did 17-year-old Destiny Ajaye unite the gangs of South Central into a killer army and declare war on the LAPD? No, the question is, Can anyone stop her?

From the minds of writers Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman (The Highwaymen, Monster Attack Network) and innovative illustrator Afua Richardson (Half Dead), Genius is a book that will have readers talking for months to come.

Full Color 32 pages $3.99 pilot issue

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