JOE MAD/Zeb Wells Bring Spidey & Elektra to SAVAGE WOLVERINE


Update, 3/11
: The Spider-Man/Wolverine story by Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira has been revealed over at CBR, and it's going to be taking place in the pages of The Savage Wolverine, following Frank Cho's opening arc.

The self-contained story starts in June — presumably with The Savage Wolverine #6 — and as expected, also features Elektra.

"We originally planned it for 'Avenging Spidey,' but with the massively talented Chris Yost coming onto that book and the lead character changing to 'Superior Spider-Man,' it didn’t fit quite as well," Wells told CBR, adding that the arc is now a "Wolverine story from the ground up."

In the article, Madureira said the story "fulfills a couple items on my artist bucket list," and is "slightly darker and a little grittier" than his previous collaboration with Wells in .

"This is a more intimate story, definitely a little more grisly," Madureira said to CBR. "Wolvie isn't restrained when he's with Elektra, so it's been great fun killing characters left and right. Something Spidey would never condone!"

Original story: Last week, Marvel told us to Get MAD! and now they want us to Get WELLS! (soon). Oh Marvel, you so punny.


In the second teaser for the Joe Madureira drawn, Zeb Wells written "Wolverine/Spider-Man/Elektra" mini-series teased in March 2012 and again at the ComicsPRO retailer conference last month, this time we see Spider-Man, as well as the confirmation that this story is written by Wells.

As covered when we revealed the first Joe Mad teaser, this series was teased a year ago, when E-i-C Axel Alonso said "Joe [Madueira] and Zeb [Wells'] new Spidey/Wolverine/Elektra story has changed shape and is becoming a slightly bigger project."

While originally it looked to be a mini-series, there is the possibility that this story could appear elsewhere, under the Savage Wolverine banner, as Frank Cho's initial arc on that series is due to end in may, and this is due to appear in June.

June solicitations should appear next week, solving this mystery definitively.

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