Marvel Teases Red, Green PROJECT GAMMA for SXSW


Marvel is hyping a third announcement for this weekend at South by Southwest, the "confidential" Project Gamma.

Of note is that this announcement has not one, but two different teasers: One red, one green. So not only do promotional images have variants now, but between "Gamma" and the color scheme, it's clear that Marvel is at least suggesting that this has something to do with the Hulk franchise.


It's also worth noticing the sound waves in the background — Marvel is exhibiting at the "interactive" portion of SXSW, where last year they announced digital comics initiatives like Infinite Comics and the AR app, so that's likely a clue.

"Marvel First" and "Count on Marvel" were previously teased by Marvel for announcements at South by Southwest. Full details for all three should be coming this Sunday, March 10, at 1 p.m. central time.

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