GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Goes Infinite in 4 Digital Issues


Marvel's newest "Infinite" comic, their digital-only initiative made specifically to read on tablets, phones, and other digital devices, goes back into the cosmic section of the Marvel Universe (after Nova starred in an earlier comic), this time with the Guardians of the Galaxy. A four-digital-issue mini series, Guardians of the Galaxy: Infinite provides solo spotlight issues for each of the core members, Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot, after Star-lord got his spotlight in the "point one" print issue.

The comic launches today with the first chapter, Drax, and can be downloaded via comiXology or the Marvel app for free. Regular series writer Brian Bendis wrote the digital issues, and Michael Avon Oeming provided art for Drax (no official word on the other three chapter's artists has been given, but Marvel tells Newsarama that announcement is coming soon).


“Most digital comic books are essentially scanned pages that the reader has limited ability to manipulate, but an Infinite comic makes the reader part of the sequential storytelling," Bendis says of the format to Entertainment Weekly. He's excited to use the format to explore where the characters are, coming into the official relaunch of the series.

“Each one is sort of a prologue to the very first issue that lets the readers know who these characters are and what their individual goals are outside of the team," Bendis teases. "What makes Gamora tick? What secret is rocket raccoon hiding? What cost comes from being one of the galaxies most famous warriors like Drax the Destroyer?"


The backstories of each of these characters is mired in mystery - and in most cases some pretty serious devastation. Gamora was raised by the villainous Thanos, Drax died and was brought back solely to kill Thanos, and Groot's entire race was destroyed.

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“The Guardians are characters that have risen above their terrible upbringing and have chosen to do something worthwhile in this lifetime," Bendis says. "That makes them heroes. The fact that they are so unique, the fact that most of them are one-of-a-kind, makes them all the more heroic.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite #1 launches today, Wednesday March 6, 2013, with new issues out every two weeks.

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