Jughead Trades Burgers for Brains in AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE


Proving there is virtually no entertainment or literary property that can’t use a zombie mash-up, Tuesday afternoon Archie Comics (yup) announced a new ongoing title Afterlife with Archie.

"What if the zombie apocalypse began in Riverdale?” is the creative conceit of what the publisher calls a “horror-infused comic”, written by playwright/screenwriter, Glee writer/producer, and occasional comic book scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

"Afterlife with Archie will provide readers with zombie-filled mayhem like only Archie can, taking the Riverdale gang where they’ve never been before – to the grave and back,” reads Archie’s press release.

"Roberto’s a superstar writer,” said Archie Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. “Working with him on the upcoming Afterlife with Archie is the next step in the ever expanding Archie universe.”

"Afterlife with Archie.combines two of my great passions: Archie comics and horror comics,” said Aguirre-Sacasa. “This series came out of conversations with Jon [Goldwater], asking questions like, ‘what if the Archie characters found themselves in a Stephen King novel like The Stand or a Sam Raimi movie like The Evil Dead?’ Could we pull that off, tonally? We’re really going for it. The first arc is called ‘Escape from Riverdale.’ The second arc is called, brace yourself, ‘Betty RIP.’ Of course, all the horror stuff will be balanced by elements that are quintessentially Archie.”

The series will debut in “late 2013.”

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