Round ROBIN Requiem: 8 DC Writers Discuss DAMIAN's DEATH

The death of Damian Wayne is sure to have a huge effect on his father and other members of the Bat-family.

In fact, DC will be using a series of special covers that commemorate the death of the latest Robin. The issues will be labeled "Requiem" and will run throughout March.

So what does it mean for the stories inside those issues with special covers?

Peter Tomasi, writer on Batman and Robin, already detailed his plans to Newsarama, including the fact that this month's Batman and Robin #18 will be a silent issue.

Batman &

Robin #18

"[Batman and Robin] #18 is a pure aftermath issue. All emotion. Heart on the sleeve," Tomasi said. "And most importantly, it is an all silent issue. No word balloons, no sound effects, no nothing, just the amazing artwork of Patrick Gleason pouring his heart out onto the page. It had me choking up when I saw the pencils. I'm hoping we can run the script and the penciled pages when the story is collected."

Tomasi said that in the next few issues, which will be titled Batman and... with various guest stars featured, "we will see how the rest of the Bat-family reacts or doesn't react. The next arc deals with the '5 Stages of Grief,' but of course in a distinct way that only Batman can."

Newsarama contacted the rest of the Batman family writers who have "Requiem" covers and asked about what's coming. What follows are their answers to the question, "How have you — and the characters in your book(s) — been affected by the death of Damian, and how does that play out within your next issue(s)?"

Scott Snyder, Batman

Batman #18 variant

Batman #18

I didn't use Damian very much during the run, but when I did, I was always amazed at how complicated and rich, heartbreaking and heartwarming, his relationship was with Bruce. And what a vibrant character he was in his own right. To be completely honest, when he first showed up those years ago, I was skeptical I would like him. But, over time, I really fell in love with him as a character — testament to the amazing work of Grant [Morrison] and Peter [Tomasi]. I really regret not using him more in Batman, now that he's gone. But he'll be deeply missed, and he'll always be there in Gotham in spirit.

Our issue #18 will definitely address Damian's death. But the truth is, I wanted to steer clear of doing anything too central to Bruce's own experience of the death, simply because in our local group, Peter has been dealing with that relationship so masterfully throughout his run, I wanted to give him more room with Bruce. So instead, in Batman, we will be seeing Bruce's experience from a bit of a distance, through the eyes of Harper Row and her brother. I really wanted to show how far Batman's pain spreads, when he's hurting on Gotham.

John Layman, Detective Comics

Detective Comics #18

with Requiem

trade dress

Batman is going to be concentrating on his work, even more so than usual. But again and again, he's going to find himself facing reminders of what, and who, he has lost.

Kyle Higgins, Nightwing

Nightwing #18

Dick has gone through a lot the past few months. However, as we explored at the end of issue #17, Damian was something of a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, having lost him too, Dick needs to dig deep to find the resolve to pick himself up again.

For me, Damian's death is especially impactful. He hadn't been in my book very much, but his time with Dick-as-Batman is one of my favorite eras in comics. He was also the character I had the most fun writing... quippy snark and all.

Ann Nocenti, Catwoman

Catwoman #18

In Catwoman #17, Catwoman steals some iconic Gotham paintings that Batman loved. She is missing him, and somewhat unconsciously, does this theft to get his attention. His reaction to seeing the paintings gone is huge: The empty spaces on the walls resonate with such hollowness and loss that he takes his fury out on Catwoman. In Catwoman #18, he chases after her and fights her, thinking that if he forces her to put the paintings back, it will help replace the other things he's missing.

For me personally, Damian was my favorite in the Batman family. I loved his arrogance, his stubbornness, his blunt, fearless humor, and will miss him.

Ray Fawkes, Batgirl #18

Batgirl #18

Babs is hit really hard by Damian's death. She's caught in the middle of an extremely high-pressure conflict on two fronts when she hears about it, and the news threatens to break her, really — especially while the wounds of "Death of the Family" are still so fresh — so she's forced to bury it deep inside and deal with it later. No doubt that's exactly the wrong thing for her to do.

Gail Simone, Batgirl #19

Batgirl #19

Events in issue #19, my return issue, combine with Damian's death to nearly overwhelm Barbara, and she takes some drastic measures to regain her balance. People will be surprised, I guarantee it.

Paul Levitz, World's Finest

Worlds' Finest #10

A wise editor once told me that in the end, there are two great stories: good man turns bad and bad man turns good. By that token, Damian's journey and end is one of the greater tragedies in the long Batman canon.

In World's Finest, Helena's deeply upset by the loss of her not-brother...really the first person on this new Earth she's felt a strong relationship pull towards. And there's an interesting moment in the Wayne Family graveyard in World's Finest #10 this week.

Scott Lobdell, Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws

Teen Titans #18

Me, personally? Not so much from a writing point of view — I didn't have that many opportunities to write him, but I took advantage of the few panels I had. From a human point of view, though, it makes me profoundly sad to this of this little kid being killed as part of this huge epic revenge story. If it were up to me, he would still be alive.

As far as the characters? As you know, Jason has been caught in his own major life-changing issues this very moment, so I'm afraid he'll have no short-term reaction that I'll be writing. I am sure James will do something great!

Red Hood and

the Outlaws #18

Tim, on the other hand, is going to have a very strong and life-changing reaction to his "little brother's" death. Remember, he formed the Teen Titans to protect his fellow teenagers. You can only imagine how hard it would rock his world to realize that if someone as experienced and competent as Batman can't prevent the death of a Damian...then he and the rest of his team had better figure out a way to step up, and quickly.

Translated: Look for the "Damian Effect" to ripple for a long time to come. 

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