INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US Videos Reveal DC Easter Eggs

With the conclusion of the first round in Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment/DC Entertainment Injustice: Gods Among Us fan vote tournament, the developers of the upcoming one-on-one superhero fighting game revealed more than just the outcome of eight fan voted battles. They also showed several never-before-seen stages and dozens of Easter Eggs for fans of DC Comics with clues to who is and who isn’t likely to be included in the game’s final roster of fighters. Here we have all those videos from round one gathered together, along with some bits to look out for!

In the first fight, Batman fought Bane in a rematch of not only their classic comic book battles but of their conflict in the recent film The Dark Knight Rises. Their battle took place in the Justice League Watchtower. With the Earth looming large in the background, it’s safe to assume that the Watchtower exists as an orbital space complex, as it is seen in the current DC Universe and just as it was in the DCAU's Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

In the next fight, Wonder Woman took on Harley Quinn in the halls of Arkham Asylum. The initial Wards section of the infamous Gotham City institution feature a pair of cell doors that are dead giveaways as to their occupants: an overgrown one on the left for Poison Ivy and a frozen over one on the right that's clearly the home of Mr. Freeze. When Wonder Woman blasts Harley though the transition area to the right, she gets a less than amiable reception from her fellow Bat-foes Killer Croc, The Penguin, Two Face and Riddler (curiously all looking a lot how they did in Rocksteady's hit Arkham City game) in the Asylum day room.

The battle between The Flash and Shazam (the artist formerly known as Captain Marvel) takes place in the Park Row slums of Gotham City, an area now known to the locals as Crime Alley, and the location of the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Strewn with garbage and graffiti featuring The Joker's face, Captain Marvel eventually knocks The Flash off the side of an ACE Chemicals truck, exploding him out and up and onto the roof of Gotham police headquarters as indicated by its lit Bat-Signal spotlight.

It's villain on villain action when The Joker takes on Lex Luthor on the streets of the 'new' Metropolis where the clown prince of crime proves capable against the battle-suited Lex, especially when using that infamous crowbar of his (he used it to kill Jason Todd, <a href=>the first Robin to die</a>). When the battle transitions inside a museum (and away from the iconic Daily Planet globe) its subject is revealed. Thanks to the events of the Injustice comic, it’s now known that the objects there are ruins from the old, nuked Metropolis that was one of the events that led to the conflict depicted in the game.

A no-longer-looking-so-stately Wayne Manor is the setting for what some may think of as a b-list battle between Aquaman and Cyborg. Gotham is looming in the distance and the Wayne Industries building is seen with its giant “W” sign. The fight takes place all over the mansion, and fans of the "Teen Titans" animated series will recognize Cyborg's trademark "Boo-ya" from the show.

Bad guys are hard at work in the background of the next fight which is between Solomon Grundy and the Hal Jordan Green Lantern. In a lab where Kryptonite-powered battle suits are being manufactured, The Brain, lifemate of Monsieur Mallah and frequent Doom Patrol foe, is supervising things (at least until he becomes part of the action). Several members of the Green Lantern Corps are included in Hal's victory pose, including Ch'p and Tomar Re.

The Man of Steel fights the space-tyrant Sinestro and his yellow ring in a 'more complete' Fortress of Solitude featuring one significant upgrade: the looming figure of Doomsday in background. The packed main room also features the Bottle City of Kandor, the ship that took the infant Superman to Earth, and a Phantom Zone projector with window (which works!). In the menagerie area are a number of enclosures filled with creatures Superman has rescued and an unusually short range Boom Tube gate.

Finally a host of Justice Society of America (aka the JSA) characters take a moment on the stage in the fight between Green Arrow and Hawkgirl. The little seen plaza behind the Hall of Justice is where the fight starts, and right away Atom Smasher and Giganta are slugging it out at full (extra)size in the background. The plaza itself is lined with statues of (hopefully not dead) heroes including Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, Stargirl (with the now-iconic Jack Knight-style cosmic staff) and Hawkman. In a small grassy area Wonder Woman's (Hippolyta’s?) Invisible Jet visibly awaits its owner. Inside the Hall some glass encased costumes portend the deaths of Wildcat and the Doctors Midnight and Fate. One last stage transition sequence puts an unlucky Thanagarian in the hands of Darksied for a beating highlighted by a blast from the Omega Effect.

Injustice: Gods Among Us releases on April 16, 2013.

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