Marvel Promotes Joe Madureira- Drawn WOLVERINE For June


Some teasers are more informative than others, and this one doesn't require much deduction: Marvel sent out a Joe Madureira-illustrated image of Wolverine early Monday afternoon, with the words "Get Mad!" and "June 2013."

So, yeah. Looks like as teased previously at the ComicsPro retailer conference, Joe Mad is drawing Wolverine starting in June. Marvel hasn't disclosed the exact nature of the project, though it's been previously reported that Madureira and his Avenging Spider-Man collaborator Zeb Wells have been working on a Wolverine/Spider-Man/Elektra team-up story.

In March of last year, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told CBR, "Joe [Madueira] and Zeb [Wells'] new Spidey/Wolverine/Elektra story has changed shape and is becoming a slightly bigger project." This seems likely to be that, though whether it'll be released a standalone, in one of the two Wolverine ongoing series or elsewhere is yet to be revealed.

It'll be the first comics work from Madureira, a fan-favorite artist whose output has been sporadic in the past decade, since the first three issues of Avenging Spider-Man in late 2011 and early 2012.

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