RUMOR: Christian Bale Returning as Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Movie rumor site Latino Review isn't ending the weekend quietly, reporting Sunday that Christopher Nolan is now in charge of all DC movies at Warner Bros. — including Justice League — and that Christian Bale is being pursued to reprise his role as Batman in the superteam film.

The site's "El Mayimbe" states that Nolan will be "godfathering/producing" Justice League, similar to the director's Man of Steel role, and that the studio is now "shaping it as a vehicle for Christian Bale to reprise his role as Batman," alongside Henry Cavill's Superman. Additionally, the site says that Man of Steel's Zack Snyder will produce, and possibly direct.

The reasoning, according to the site, is that Warner Bros. is responding to the double threat of Disney's Star Wars and Marvel franchises. Additionally, Latino Review cites a well-circulated 2012 quote from an Empire magazine interview with Christian Bale, where he stated that he "would love the challenge of making a fourth one work" if Nolan presented him with a script and said, "'You know what? There is another story." Additionally, Snyder and Bale were previously attached to a film project together, the unproduced The Last Photograph.

This is, of course, completely a rumor at this point and should be taken as such, as there's been no comment or confirmation from Warner, and Latino Review mentions no sources other than a "difficult and lengthy investigation." It's also important to note the phrasing from the site itself — they're not saying that Christian Bale is coming back as Batman, just that Justice League is being shaped to accommodate his return.

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