CIVIL WAR Prose Novel Adapted Into a 'Movie in Your Mind'


An audio adaptation of the prose novel adaption of the Marvel comic book event Civil War… got that?

A GraphicAudio® (what its producer calls “A Movie in Your Mind”) version of writer Stuart Moore’s June 2012 prose novel version of the 2006-2007 comic book limited series event Civil War will soon be available for your listening pleasure/curiosity.

It’s the first of four Marvel prose novels that will be adapted into the format in a licensing agreement between Marvel and the Cutting Corporation. According to the latter company, “GraphicAudio® audio productions are six hours on average of action packed audio entertainment with sound effects, cinematic music, narration and a full cast.”

According to Marvel, Civil War is a story that “altered the Marvel Universe.”

“In the wake of a tragedy, Capitol Hill proposes the Superhuman Registration Act, requiring all costumed heroes to unmask themselves before the government. Divided, the nation’s greatest champions must each decide how to react — but will you side with Iron Man or Captain America? And just which heroes will pay the ultimate price?”

Two titles featuring The Ultimates and one title featuring a Spider-Man prose novel in GraphicAudio® will follow.

Interested ‘readers’ can listen to the preview trailer here and get a sample of the story here.

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