ComicsPro: DC Drops 'WTF', JOE MAD-WOLVERINE & More News

Last week ComicsPro, the trade organization of comic book retailers, held their membership meeting and were provided presentations by some comic book publishers, with Marvel and DC announcing some news to the assembled store owners and managers.

New word has just arrived to Newsarama that Marvel showed off a new Wolverine teaser image that appears to be drawn by fan-favorite-though-occasional comic book artist Joe Madureira, along with the copy "Get MAD!" and "2013."

Last week's Marvel: Of the Dead teaser was originally shown at the conference, along with these pages from Iron Man #9. Our friends at Comic Book Resources debuted some pages from Thanos Rising #1 and Marvel also teased a return in some form of their alternative reality franchise What If?, an X-Men 50th anniversary celebration of some kind, and hinted at a big development in Superior Spider-Man #9.


On the DC side of the ledger, according to a report by Diamond Comic Distributors, the publisher announced that Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's still officially untitled new "Superman" ongoing series will debut in June, alongside the newly announced Greg Pak/Jae Lee Batman/Superman ongoing series.

While the title is slated to appear in online solicitations in just two or three weeks, a retailer in attendance at DC's presentation told Newsarama DC is still referring to it in running gag fashion as “the Superman book whose title we have not announced."

Diamond also reported that DC will not be including "WTF" branding on the front or inside covers of their April shipping titles. "WTF" is DC's April New 52-wide marketing event in which every gatefold-covered title that month has been purported to "leave readers in a state of shock."  The branding caused some consternation among reader and bloggers over the crude standard meaning of the acronym.

DC Comcs April 2013 "WTF Certified" logo
DC Comcs April 2013 "WTF Certified" logo
Credit: DC Comics

The event had an official logo, but according to Diamond's reporting it will apparently not be used.

According again to a retailer in attendance, co-publisher Dan DiDio said that the "WTF" branding would not be used "because we don't need it." The retailer tells Newsarama that DiDio went on to say that the books have attracted attention from the marketplace already, and that retailers and readers are now aware of the significance of the gatefold covers.

Finally, Diamond reports the Neil Gaiman Sandman limited series announced last summer will debut in the fall and will be promoted by a "significant advertising campaign."


Both Diamond and the attending retailer that spoke to Newsarama report DC referred to it as "Sandman #0" at one point during their presentation, but at first glance that would seem to be unusual branding for a Gaiman/Vertigo project and we'll wait for further official word from DC on any specific title.

Some other DC news of note (or is that notes of news?) from the retailer in attendance: 

DC will collect the Death of the Family storyline in two hardcover volumes later this year. The first book, Batman: Death of the Family, is a 176-page collection of the core story, while Joker: Death of the Family Companion, a 387-page volume, collects all the related tie-ins.

The publisher will offer a Batman: Court of Owls Book & Mask Set later this year, in the tradition of last year’s V for Vendetta Book & Mask Set.

Upcoming DC Omnibus volumes include the DC One Million Omnibus and the Planetary Omnibus, a comprehensive collection of the Warren Ellis/John Cassaday series that will include the core series as well as Planetary: Crossing Worlds.

Also in the works from Vertigo is Vertigo Visions: Frank Quitely, a 144-page hardcover collection of Quitely-illustrated tales; and The Children’s Crusade by Neil Gaiman and others, collecting the Vertigo series in  a 416-page hardcover.

And sticking with Diamond and DC for one last moment, the publisher is reporting to retailers through Diamond Tuesday that "several" pages from this week’s Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #4 are printed upside down. According to DC, "This is part of the storytelling, and should not be considered an error."

You have been forewarned.

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