UPDATED: Publisher Says to 'COUNT ON MARVEL' in New Teaser


Update March 5, 2013: Just like the Marvel FIRST teaser getting a color-swapped update (though that one traded titles for creator names), a color swap comes from this "Count on Marvel" fifty-two slash teaser, again saying an announcement is coming at South by Southwest. Once again, the festival is primarily known for music and digital innovation; unless Marvel is launching a 52-piece orchestration to all their comics, safe bet is on this being Marvel, Digital, and weekly.


Original Story: After Monday's speculation-driving "Marvel FIRST" teaser, today Marvel Comics manages to be more vague with a teaser image.

Bravo, folks.

This one simply says "Count on Marvel" as the filename. There are bloody slashes - fifty-two of them, notably - and that's it. The teaser's accompanying text in the email says:


Cuts above the rest…"

So, that fifty-two slashes, and "Cuts above the rest" certainly seems to be a dig against DC Comics and their New 52. The only thing this could mean, then, is that the Marvel Universe will be rebooted with 52 Wolverine comics. You've been warned.

Or, more likely, maybe this is some kind of weekly comic from Marvel? With increased series from the publisher shipping twice a month (and even more frequently on occasion), it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

More news on Marvel's crazy new teasers as it comes.

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