Second MARVEL FIRST Teaser Reveals a Bit More


Update March 4, 2013:
A second "First" teaser hit today, and while it still doesn't tell us what exactly it is, it tells us more about when we'll know.

On Sunday, March 10 at 1pm Central time, all will be revealed, at the South by Southwest event that celebrates everything from music to digital innovation. And therein lies the key: digital innovation is what a company like Marvel Comics might be at SXSW for. In 2012, Marvel launched their "ReEvolution" campaign with the announcement of Marvel Infinite Comics: comics designed and created explicitly for digital viewing, with a new style of panel and dialogue reveal.

So it stands to reason that Marvel First is something to do with the digital space, but what exactly remains to be seen. We'll find out next Sunday!


Original Story: We all know Marvel loves their teasers, but this one has us stumped.

Dropped into the Newsarama inbox Monday morning, a teaser with a large #1 composed entirely of names of Marvel characters, along with the word "First." Now, in the comic book internet world (and indeed beyond just comics to message boards of all stripes), "First" is something people used to (and sometimes still do) say as the first comment on a new story or post. We hope Marvel's not just staking their claim in that bizarre way, though.

Along with the image, Marvel had only this text in the email:

"Begin with the best super heroes in comics--Marvel does it FIRST!! HUGE story coming soon to fans, worldwide."

Marvel recently began a series of relaunches and new books under the "Marvel NOW!" banner, which once again appears on the top of the teaser. Indeed, many of the characters that make up the #1 star in those new first issues. Hazmat in Avengers Arena, Namor in New Avengers, Psylocke in both Uncanny X-Force and the upcoming X-Men, Legion in X-Men Legacy are just a few of the characters and their new #1s.

So, could this just be teasing the already-announced massive omnibus featuring all the first issues from the Marvel NOW! relaunch? DC Comics did an omnibus of all 52 #1s after their New 52 relaunch in 2011, and had enough success to repeat it with all the zero issues of their titles in 2012. It would certainly fit the "HUGE" noted in the text that came with the teaser. Of course, it would be a bit odd to tease something over two months after its announcement, so it's likely this is something else entirely.

Another possibility that occurs would be, believe it or not, new #1s once again. After the world-changing "unguessable" ending to the upcoming epic Age of Ultron, there may be a need for first issues to reflect a new status quo.

Or, perhaps Marvel is taking our open advice to DC from the start of the New 52, saying they should adopt a yearly #1 "Seasons model."

Or could it be... is this the first hint at a Marvelman #1? Could the character finally be making his way into the Marvel pantheon, alongside (or even raised above) the other characters listed?

More on "Marvel First" soon.

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